Why Galactic Frontier

To build a cool game

Galactic Frontier is intended to be an addictive, real time, science fiction, strategy game played over the Internet by hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of players world wide. Galactic Frontier is aimed at a very wide target audience. This audience extends from children in late elementary school through geriatric adults (who are still able to use a computer). Galactic Frontier will include exciting opportunities for a wide range of players, from those with only basic web browsing skills through highly skilled programmers. To attract this broad audience Galactic Frontier will allow independent developers to easily expand the features of the game through an open source development process. Galactic Frontier will also allow service providers great flexibility in deploying and offering only those features they wish. In order to attract players the broadest practical range of economic backgrounds Galactic Frontier will promote intense competition in the provision of services to players.

To change the world

One goal in the creation of Galactic Frontier is to excite the world's population about the possibilities of space exploration and colonization. By exciting the world's population with the possibilities of space exploration and colonization, I hope to generate the political demand for the research and development that are needed to make space exploration and colonization by ordinary individuals a reality. It is my belief that one of the key elements in successful socioeconomic development is a frontier to explore, settle and develop. Through out history, successful societies have been built on the opportunities presented by a frontier. A few examples include various Middle Eastern, Asian, European and American empires, settling of the American West and most recently the exploration and development of cyberspace.

To be economically sustainable

While the development of Galactic Frontier is intended to be a nonprofit venture, the development requires both creative effort and economic risk that should be rewarded if Galactic Frontier is successful. Also the support and provision of services to the game’s players will incur real world costs and these costs must be recoverable for the game to be a success. Galactic Frontier has many possible revenue sources. These include donations, pay for play, advertiser supported play, name registration, software registration, software and documentation distribution, paid support, etc. It is my hope and intention that some of these revenues will make it back to the creative risk takers that helped develop Galactic Frontier.